32" Bristol Direct-Vent Fireplace

Comfort Flame's Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace Systems are ideal for today's tightly constructed, energy efficient homes.



Dancing yellow flames, glowing logs and ember material create unique ambiance. No expensive chimney or construction required. No soot, no odor, no by-products.

Model #

Fuel Type 


Heat Btu

Vent Type

CGDV32NR Natural 32" Bristol Zero-Clearance Heater Rated Firebox, 6 Multi-Colored Logs, Black Rolled Louvers, 12,000 - 18,000 5"X8"
CGDV32PR Propane Tempered Glass, Remote Control Ready. Heats Approx. 600 Sq. Ft. 11,000 - 17,000 5"X8"

Uses the 5"X8" Vent Piping

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    32" Fireplace System

Great Value, Unparalleled Beauty…Fireplace Features:
• Realistic remote control ready multi-colored logs
• Superior flame presentation with glowing coals
• Zero-clearance firebox

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