Vent Free Stoves

The newcastle is patterned after an American Style Stove popular in the 1800's

Vent-Free Cast Iron Stoves

Low cost installation,No Venting Required!

The pedestal stove offers beautiful styling....
a bayfront stove body with accent trim,
realistic logs and active yellow flames.




Product Specifications

Model # Descriptions Shipping Weight
CISB* Cast Iron Stove, Flat Black Finish 198lbs
CISAW* Cast Iron Stove, Antique White Finish 198lbs
CISNI* Cast Iron Stove, Natural Iron Finish 198lbs
CISAS* Cast Iron Stove, Aged Silver Finish 198lbs
Vent Free Burners
Model #  Fuel type Description BTU Output Shipping Weight
SVYD18NRA Natural Gas Burner System for Cast Iron Stove, Vent-Free, Natural Gas 24,000 to 35,000 45lbs
SVYD18PRA Propane Burner System for Cast Iron Stove, Vent-Free, Propane 21,000 to 31,000 45lbs
Model # Decription Shipping Weight
CIKA Gas Appliance Installation Kit 2lbs
LP6100 Two-Stage LP Regulator with Cover 2lbs
* No Blowers Available




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